Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vacation Dogs

This isn't going to be a post on loaf doggie adventures, not much has happened since last, same ol' sleeping, walking, eating, doing no 1 and no 2 plus breaking a bit of wind for homely's sake, wagging bananashaped tail, woofing, guarding the house, keeping the cats in order, being happy and friendly as usual (very less of squeaker toy, thank goodness though).
No this post is going to be a bit about the fact that when away on holiday and one miss the furry friends at home, one tend to see "substitutes" everywhere. Alas there were too few feline friends when on this last holiday trip, and the ones we met were sadly not in the best of condition either. The constant question most always seem to be why do so many people, alla over the world, even bother to get pets when they clearly can't be bothered to take good care of them...


This post is going to be a bit about some of the dogs here and there we met while away, cute, friendly each with their own charming quirks. And some dog related writing. The two shaggies above I've already introduced, so very, very irresistibly adorable. Read more about them here


There was a fine statue of a dog missing one front leg in the outskirts of the Prince's Street Gardens in Edinburgh. So far I haven't figured out its name or special significance. If someone know, please enlighten me!


There was six year old Cora at one B&B in Edinburgh who was a lousy guard dog because she found every single visitor to be a good friend and was always looking for a decent cuddle.


There was a sweet retriever who had to sit and wait for his owner to finish a sturdy meal at the Moulin Hotel by Pitlochry. And I couldn't help but thinking that both owner and dog would probably benefit quite a bit by sharing that meal... It probably made things worse for the dog since it also had to watch us share food with the not very well fed cat who fiddled around our table.


There were threatening signs that said that if you let your dog foul the footpaths or verges your vehicle would be tipped from the pier... To be honest I think that is a brilliant idea! I wish we had such signs and discernible punishments in Sweden too.


There was this cutie of a Westie waiting outside Thirlestane castle, completely bored - and the situation sure didn't approved with this annoying Swedish woman who insisted on taking *some* pictures... But when the waiting was finally over, he was more than eager to show his skills.


I believe that watching how people keep and interact with their animals when on holiday is one of many good and informing things about travelling. Well, if it's a country, culture, people that love and care for their animals that is - The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated, Gandhi



Titania said...

You are so right Pia; I am always happy when I see happy dogs with caring owners. (not the ones who eat and don't share) If you make the commitment to buy a dog or a cat it should be loved and be part of your life because they are for life. But sadly some people don't think or see it that way.

Pia K said...

I'm glad every time someone sensible share that view, Titania!:)

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