Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Cards

When it comes to Christmas time I/we don't have many traditions that are "musts" - although can I please have my beetroot salad and my Ris á la Malta (rice pudding) for Christmas Eve? - with one major exception. Christmas cards. Handwritten and personalized. That is a "must" of the uttermost importance. In my world.
For many years I have had a well thought through, über-sophisticated, Christmas cards list, the list of who are worthy of very special greetings, who's on the in-list and who's not. Within the list there are different categories, very subtle this is, roughly categorized like this; from the very obvious group of
A) the ones who send lovely thought through cards to me,
B) the ones who send cards but not the thought through kind
C) the ones who never send cards, but who I consider to be dear friends anyway
D) the ones who might benefit in one way or other from a personalized Christmas card from yours truly, to the
E) the e-card senders
F) the mass emailers

The latter group is, imho, the most despicable there is. If one can't be bothered to write a personal greeting why even bother at all. I. Just. Do. Not. Get. It. No need whatsoever to include me in such email-lists, if one don't think me a well-deserving recipient of a personal Christmas - or whenever - greeting, please exclude me. Me and my e-mail are much happier that way.

Most of these groups are revised every year, some previous receivers are expelled completely, others placed in another group (possibly up for evaluation when it's time to send the cards), some newcomers and some once in a while-comers.

This year's batch of cards is very stylish - perhaps not as top notch as I would have expected, but more on that later - if I may say so, very well thought through and in some cases extremely personalized indeed. The last ones were sent yesterday, hopefully they'll get there in time for Christmas, if not, there'll be a wee sweet card turning up in a mailbox near you in the intermediate!

And to all you that won't get one of these cards, the reason for that might just be I'm not in the possession of a (correct) address or we haven't been introduced properly. But I hope you have a very merry Christmas anyway!

061210 044


Felis said...

Merry Christmas everyone!
I'm from the e-card senders because in my country cards are rarely made of recycled paper.
Your dog looks like doesn't wanna be a card :).

Pia K said...

That's a valid point indeed, Felis, for sending e-cards. Have a happy Christmas you too!

Terry said...

Dear Pia K...I thought I was just being picky.
I don't mind if I get a forward. some of them are really good but if I DO get one, I want it to be sent only to me with a message.
That is why I didn't even learn to send a mass mailing.
When my brother, Teddy moved to Iowa far away, he at first would email a letter to all of the family and to his best friend, Steve.
Well, the letter said, "Dear Steve"
That wasn't nice! When Teddy asked why I wasn't emailing him any family news I said to him,"You write ME a letter and every time you do, I promise that you will get a long letter in return!!
Since that day we have some nice letters going back and forth!
As far as a mass email greeting card, well I know it sure does take a lot of time but each one I do send to people, there is a long message[just as long as how many characters they allow you]
Well, I must go. My scalloped potatoes are cooking and I am working on a giant fruit salad!

Pia K said...

Oh not picky, but discerning, that's a word I'm fond of in many cases:) As with Christmas cards, I like to make an effort and thus I do like it when someone also has in return.

That does sound a bit... annoying, the massemailing of your brother's, glad it turned out well in the end though! Something I also hope was the case with the potatoes and fruitsalad:)

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