Thursday, December 25, 2008

Three Meatballs & One Hippo


Christmas wouldn't be right without one loaf doggie extraordinaire getting something special, right? This year it was three meatballs and then this small but very loud thing neatly wrapped, though, surprisingly, not so neatly unwrapped by gift-receiver.


A wee hippo! Isn't he just the cutest thing ever?! And imagine he will suffer as a squeaker toy in the impressive jaws of one loafie... I can't see the life expectancy of this wee thing being that long, but the lady in the pet store had apparently *promised* it would be very durable and a perfect gift for terriers ("who only like to tear things apart", hrmf...).


As usual with squeaker toys and one log shaped dog in the prime of life it was love at first sight. And they pretty much have been inseparable for more than a day now. Hippo still squeaks. I really don't blame him for it. I would too if my life would, touch wood, take a twist with me ending up in the jaws of one super excited hairy loaf.



Terry said...

Aw Pia K This is one real sweetie.
I especailly like the black and white pictures!
I think that I would prefer meatballs to turkey.
Malte is one lucky dude!
Yeh..for sure that hippo's days are numbered!

We read a really funny story today in the Toronto Sun this morning at Macdonalds'
I am giving it to you because you are an animal lover Pia K.

MURRAY, Utah -- A thief remains at large after pulling off a daring heist -- in the pet food aisle.
Surveillance video at a supermarket caught a dog shoplifting, KSL-TV reported Wednesday.
The video showed the dog walking in the front door of Smith's Food & Drug in Murray, and heading straight to Aisle 16, the pet food aisle, where it grabbed a bone worth $2.79.
The thief wasn't perturbed by a face-to-face confrontation with manager Roger Adamson.
"I looked at him. I said 'Drop it!' " Adamson said. "He looked at me, and I looked at him, and he ran for the door and away he went, right out the front door."

Really cute, eh Pia K.....Love Terry

Pia K said...

Ha, ha, what a neat little shoplifter!

Thanks for stopping by, Terry, and the wee hippo is still alive and squeaking plus looking disturbingly happy. Malte even likes to take him out in the frosty garden regularly so he can have a pee too...:)

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