Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Thoughts

Top of the Boxing Day morning!

Alas we didn't get a proper white Christmas on these latitudes, though a few snowflakes and some frost made for a rather pretty scene just the same. Every year I find myself thinking that "hey presto, Christmas is gone before it has even begun" - and as I'm not even the traditional, stressing, self-effacing character that thrives on making a big hullabaloo about Christmas, one can only ponder what those individuals feel when it's all C-over...

With this season I like the winter flowers, the spicy scents and the fruits, the candles oh the candles in any shape and form, the warm colours and especially everything red, the decorations in moderation, the snow (if we had any), the drinking of tea, a bit of seasonal music for ambiance, the saffron buns, meeting friends for chats in cafés (which I suppose I do enjoy any time of the year really), the warm cosiness indoors and the crispy clearness outdoors, the planning and writing of Christmas cards that leads up to that one day that ends before it has even begun.

What I don't like with this season is all the self-imposed (yes) stress - not that I feel it but I'm well beyond annoyed of hearing about it from others... - all the traditional food that once had a face with innocent eyes now being stuffed in faces with greedy mouths, the kitschy kind of exaggerated, overdone decoration in homes and on streets (oh my...), the overblown consumerism with giving and receiving more or very less well thought through bought gifts just for the sake of it, too much seasonal music and too many stupid Christmas albums being released (and bought).

Add to that allowing myself to now and then get a sting of bad conscience (even more so this time of the year) for grumping and being at times as self absorbed as the other, since I suppose, despite everything frustrating, compared to some, to many, I'm rather well off - at least when it comes to mind and body, health and education, family and friends, the food I eat and the roof over my head, the darling furries that live under this roof and the books in my shelves - and with all that well offness combined I should, somehow, be able to make even more than I already do for others less fortunate.

So come new year, come new resolutions.


Terry said...

Dear Pia K.
Just came by to wish you especially a Happy Holiday.I put a general one on my blog but now I am going around to give personal ones.
I really didn't have enough time the last couple of days.
Christmas never stresses us out because Bernie and I don't do a lot of shopping during the holidays.
We do it all year through. We have so many nieces and nephews and brothers and sisters that throughout the year, we are always giving them gifts and spending money Then it is more a of a surprise.
Just for the fun of it, after we had breakfast at MacDonald's, we took a trip around Welland to see how busy the stores were. For sure and it was a real traffic jam Pia K!
People are NEVER satisfied..Always wanting more, eh?

Well again Pia K..Happy New Year!
Love Terry

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Christmas is not over, there is still the Epiphany. Christmas lasts 12 wonderful days. I love Christmas, it is a time for sharing, helping, reflecting and feasting!!! Then the dieting, and enforced marches through snowstorms to burn off calories. Have a wonderful 2009. I enjoy your blog, sometimes your opinions are so close to mine. Good to know there are kindred spirits.

Pia K said...

Thanks, Terry! Yes, giving gifts and treats of different kinds is lovely, I just wish so many wouldn't consider it such a "spending-cash-must" during Christmas though. As you said, people never seem to be satisfied, always wanting more and that at the same time as there are so many beings out there in true need for things...

Thanks, Anonymous, glad you like to visit here and that you're enjoying the holidays. Happy New Year to you too, whoever you are:)

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