Sunday, December 07, 2008

Prunus & Wee Replica

081205 002

Prunus is one of those classic, still popular but alas rather impractical for the dishwasher era, Swedish pottery made by designer Stig Lindberg. I fondly remember many of them from my parents', grandparents' and older relatives' cupboards and my childhood's "kafferep" (coffee parties).

I found this cute little tea-strainer, from Danish company Rice, in Prunus model a while back and thought it would be a perfect wee gift to my mother as she used to have the coffee set. Turned out she now only had one cup and saucer left herself, but don't you agree this strainer was rather a good miniature replica?


Anonymous said...

I love this.


Pia K said...

I do too, Paz, howeeer I didn't when I was a child, but with age comes at least some kind of wisdom...:)

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