Wednesday, December 24, 2008

* * * Merry Christmas 2008 * * *

I hope you spend the holidays wherever, however with whomever you want to, in a kind and loving way. We Scandinavians celebrate on Christmas Eve the 24th so today I will just wish you all a very merry Christmas ~


Terry said...

Dear Pia K...This Santa Clause here looks just like our Grandpaw Ron!
I WOULD send you some snow if only that Grandpaw would give me Georgian weather fro a Christmas gift.
He writes in his blog bragging that he and his granddaughters are sitting on the porch these warm evenings, sipping on hot chocolate.
I'll tell you though Pia K, if you write to that Mrs. Mac,she is the one that sends all of the snow! She has plenty and to spare!
I better get my Ruby Tuesday done. I haven't heard from Felisol..
Take care now and you have a great Christmas Eve celebration.
As a family , we all go over to Betty's for that and usually with all the grandparents, kids and grandchildren and nieces, and the wayfaring stranger, there will be close to fifty people.
I guess you will be busy with baking. I can't bake, so I just do a whack of cooking. They all like Aunt Terry's scalloped potatoes and on occasion I will bring cabbage rolls, or Shepherd's Pie,and I will make a big bowl of fruit salad, but as for the goodies, I am a complete failure ...Ha!!
Christmas Day, Bernie and I will be going over to Rachel's[Betty's daughter] house for dinner where there will be Betty and John and their five kids and where there will be three big dogs and that Furry Fluff!
Merry Christmas to you all....Love Terry

PS Pia K...If you would like to see my beautiful sister, Karen, and when you have the time, just click on to my favourite links, "Gracey My Baby Sister" and on her July 25th, 2007 you will see Karen....

Becky and Gary said...

I love that Santa. A Swedish tradition?
Have a wonderful and loving Christmas.
The weather here in the US is miserable. Many many folks stranded in airports because of the bad weather, trains not running because of the cold weather and all the snow. In my area we're having very high winds, and rain! This on top of all the snow we had, makes for huge amounts of slush.
A good time to just stay put!

Poppy Q said...

Merry chrismouse to you Miss P, Mr Pia, Malte and all the kitties. We have had a lovely day filled with food and treats.

Julie and Poppy Q

Pia K said...

I hope you had (are having) a lovely Christmas, Terry, incl little Adorable Furry Fluff! Your sister Karen is lovely and I'm sure she'd look great in anything:)

Becky - not really a Swedish tradition no, but in the inner city's Old Town (Gamla Sta'n) there's a lovely little shop called Tomtar & Troll (Gnomes & Trolls, which is also the name of a series of old Swedish children's storybooks) where they sell just that, many of them adorable and handmade and some in human sizes. These cute gnomes/santas can be found just outside the shop.
Rain, wind AND snow, that doesn't sound nice at all, hope you're snug as a bug inside and enjoying your holidays then!

To you too, Poppy & Julie! I hope the Christmas card got there on time? I'm still waiting for several of mine, well, at least that make something special to look forward too after the weekend...:)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Pia!

Keep those fantastic photos coming!


Pia K said...

Thanks, Paz, will try and do:)

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