Saturday, December 13, 2008

~ Happy Lucia ~


December 13th, today is the day when Swedes traditionally celebrates Lucia, the bearer of light. Yes, many things obviously circle around the lack of daylight at these latitudes this time of year, the electrical Advent candlesticks in most every window, the plethora of Advent stars hanging in streets and windows, the four candles Advent candlestick (one lit every Sunday up until Christmas) - and then Lucia, the bearer of light with her entourage that sing Christmas songs in most every town, village, school, daycare, company, church, street, on TV, even in homes.


From the beginning all this root in religious traditions and the Italian martyr St Lucia, but today most of us celebrate it as an atmospheric, beautiful, choral, candlelit tradition. And of course, the serving of "lussekatter or lussebullar" (the Swedish saffron buns), ginger snaps, "glögg" (the Swedish version of mulled wine) is a pleasant and warming part of this celebration too.

061211 009
061224 019


Anonymous said...

>Oh goody. What a wise celebration and on my birthday too. I knew that there was a reason why I always wanted to go to sweden.

Wendy said...

Hope you had a lovely day, Pia!

Pia K said...

Happy belated birthday then, Eveningson! Thanks for stopping by.

I think I did have (the age-memory thing;) just that, thanks, Wendy!

Unknown said...

These are stunning, as always, Pia. Your photos are genuinely the second best thing to actually visiting Sweden. :-)

Pia K said...

Oh, that's so sweet of you, Pagan Sphinx! Me, your Internet guide to Sweden:)

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