Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wrap Up 2008 - December Beauty

Time is ticking and before we know it it will be 2009, to wrap things up neatly here's my own private update on the beauty product front. So I can meet the new year looking spiffy and fresh (well, one can dream anyway), since last, this have been my pre-, in and post-shower encounters;

Shampoo - for some odd reason or not I haven't tried the TIGI Bead Head range until now. My obvious choice when out hunting for a new shampoo and conditioner was of course the Brunette Goddess one, oh goodness that did speak volume to me! I also liked the fact that the shampoo came in a pump bottle which would certainly made dispensing in the shower easier and the scent of sweet toffee, fudge, caramel was mesmerising.

The pump bit turned out to be crap, since the bottle is made of soft plastic the pump doesn't work properly if you don't grab it with both hands hence completely useless for its purpose. The shampoo itself is rather luscious and above all of a scent that makes one feel all snug and happy inside a candy factory. Even if I of course don't need a shampoo to make me feel like a brunette goddess, I do believe the hair gets a certain oomf and rather goddess like shine when dried. Or perhaps I'm just high on the toffee scent.

Conditioner - TIGI Bed Head Brunette Goddess, wonderful creamy, fudgey scent like its companion the shampoo. In the case of the conditioner the scent is also followed by rather decent features when it comes to conditioning and being economical. I just might get me another bottle when this one is finished.

Shower cream - Björk & Berries lingonberry rose, gorgeous fragrance, though an average shower cream in a spiffy bottle.

Shower cream too - the Sanctuary body wash with sesame, jojoba and essential oils, lovely spicy scent as always, lots of cute pink airbubbles in the gel, nice shower companion for a decent price.

Body scrub - Björk & Berries wild strawberry sugar scrub, which is lovely beyond words in scrub aspect, scent aspect as well as the cocoa butter that moisturizes the skin and makes body lotion afterwards superfluous. One negative aspect is the jar being way too small at a mere 200 grams.

The other negative aspect, which is pretty unforgivable and unprofessional in this day and age of proofreading and automatic spell checking is the fact that the jar label is grossly misspelled. So okay, that doesn't make the product inside any worse, but really, very annoying for a spell and word stickler, not to mention from a professional point of view...

Body butter - Björk & Berries lingonberry rose, the gorgeous fragrance from the shower gel is intensified in this creamy lovely body butter. It made wonders for my dry winter skin and the scent lingers on in a delightful non obvious way. I loved it, although it was rather uneconomical. But when I want to treat myself I'll definitely buy it again.

Body lotion - hooray, I did manage to make a very more than decent goodie bag exchange with a fellow blogger in the US, in the bag I received were some much coveted body products from the brand I'm hopelessly infatuated with not available in Europe, Bath & Body Works. So this wonderful as ever black raspberry vanilla body lotion is and will be treasured to the very last dollop. Such a moodlifter for both my inner and outer self!

Hair mousse - Aussie dual personality curl defining + shine mousse, as far as I'm concerned (and in general being a great fan of the Aussie range of hair care products, that's actually going to be launched properly in Sweden soon, but more about that exciting new later) this is just such a complete disappointment of a mousse that *promises* curl defining bounce and shine. Instead it does quite the opposite for me, if flattens and weigh down my hair plus leaves it listless. Will so not buy again.

Lipstick - in the above mentined good bag exchange I had wished for a MAC lipgloss that wasn't available in Sweden. Turned out it was a lim ed in US too, and this slimline lipstick long stem rose was supposedly the closest one to it. I'm so glad we met, because I love the slim and practial shape of the casing, the scent is lovely vanilla-raspberryish and the medium pink colour is sweet. If I would comment on one negative aspect it is that it dries the lips (like the Laura Mercier lipgloss I'm fond of despite that detail).

Hand soap - a pink handsoap with what supposedly was strawberry scent with an unreadable label brought home from China by M. Very average. And if I could get my hands on it again I simply wouldn't.

Hand soap too - Funky Farm apple, pigs on the bottle, pink soap, apple scent. Nice one.

Nail cream - Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle creme, another find in the above mention goodie bag exchange. Rather nice with a lovely lemon drop scent. Not as top notch good as my favourite nail candy, but nice just the same.

Nailpolish - I really like the idea behind the LONDON Butter nail polish, the writing on their website and all the snazzy colours. This nuance Charlie Dickens is lovely, looks great on nails too and is easy to apply. Still, it does scuff way too soon compared to most other polishes I've used, perhaps the price one has to pay for "poisonfree" nail polish? From the goodie bag exchange treat.

See, that wrap up was a quick and easy one, wasn't it? Happy New Beauty-from-inside-out Year!


aforkfulofspaghetti said...

Golly. You really ought to set yourself up as a beauty consultant!

Anyway, whatever you do in 2009, I hope you have fun, and I hope it proves to be a great year for you!

Terry said...

You sound so much like my sisters Karen and Gail!
They get all kinds of nice shampoo and fancy soaps and creams and perfume and I really do think it makes a difference. Oh, I just should of started sooner, I guess.
When I was a teenager, and Mom Golden had to buy shampoo for so many heads, it was always running out and we had to use dishwashing soap to do the job and whenever THAT ran dry we would have to use Ivory hand soap...NOT a pretty sight!...........Love Terry

PS..NOW I can afford to buy all that fancy stuff, but alas!..it is too late for this old girl!..Ha!!

Pia K said...

Well, AFoS, I suppose I'm much more interested and knowledgeable than many, most on these highly important things, however being a beauty consultant as such, hm, I'm far from sure that would be very "me"...:) Happy Joyous New Year to you too!

I guess, for some at least, things have progressed, Terry, I don't think the hair would be too happy about a regular wash in handsoap (but it makes for a good story and comparison:) - on the other hand some claim that dishwasher detergent are THE thing for washing your hair in... It's important to treat oneself to a bit of pampering, using good (in every aspect) products like this is one way. Go treat yourself to some nice stuff, Terry, it's never to late to be extra kind to oneself, you know:)

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