Monday, December 08, 2008

Winter Tivoli with Adolphson & Falk


Adolphson & Falk is a Swedish duo, two guys who met in the late 60ies while doing their compulsory Swedish military service and there began their musical journey together. They were at their height as a synthpop band in the 80ies and that was of course when I discovered and fell for them. Even if not predominantly a favourite band I've always been very fond of many of their songs and lyrics.

Especially one song which has been a favourite of mine for over 20 years now, it so striked a cord deep inside when I was a teenager and the lyrics has never seized to so aptly describe the inner me. Time might fly, the clock is ticking but that song with its wistful and seemingly simple lyrics still means as much to me, if not more, now as it did then. Then, when my father and I enjoyed listening to Adolphson & Falk's music - enhanced by my dad's magical music machine - each wrapped in our own private little universe, now, when I listen alone.

So when the opportunity rised for getting tickets to one of their very rare concerts I jumped at it - although for some odd reason it wasn't all that easy to find friends who wanted to tag along, either they didn't know who they where *imagine* or they didn't like them *imagine even more* - and even if I perhaps didn't find the show to be top notch and all wonderful it definitely had its brilliant moments. Unpretentious, smallish and personal, not some big fuss in a gigantic arena, but just the way I prefer concerts and shows to be really.

The show also had two guest artists, one of which I knew very little, Ola Magnell, since the political progressive movement ("progg" as we Swedes say) in the 60-70ies was before my time, but let's just say that I was of a tender age compared to the rest of the audience and they happily sang along to his old hits.

The other one I did listen too quite a lot during the 80ies, when he was the front man in the band Freda´ (Friday), not so much since he went solo, but he has a very distinctive and heartfelt voice and has released some pretty powerful songs over the years, Uno Svenningsson. And yes, his performance was really lovely.

The *minor* issue I have with the concert though, is the fact that they didn't play either of my two favourite songs - on the other hand, that could mean I'm pretty unique in feeling so strongly about them and they really are best savoured on one's own.

Overall I thought it was a great evening out and once again I did get the distinct impression that being a musician seem to be such a rewarding, in many ways if not all, occupation. I can't think of any other trade where the professionals seem to have so much fun working at the same time as they bring so much joy to others. I do get a slightly envious, and although I'm well aware of the fact that the world is so much better off not having to deal with my attempts at singing it might have appreciated if I had been a bit more studious when it came to all those years of guitar lessons...

And having said that about musicians I think it was about time the, in Europe, much debated IPRED law went through, as every law it most probably has flaws and needs adjusting, but finally there's at least an acknowledgement on legal paper that the intellectual property right when it comes to file-sharing also needs some sort of, however feeble, protection.

Just because something isn't a graspable object, just because the Internet has brought easy access to so many, too many, things, it doesn't mean one should make use of it all. Common decency, uprightness and the respect for other's work and property never go out of style as far as I'm concerned. Graspable objects or not.

Adolphson & Falk - Blinkar Blå (Twinkle Blue)
Uno Svenningsson - Under ytan (Under the surface)
Freda´- Vindarna (The Winds)
Freda´ - I en annan del av världen (In another part of the world) - from the era of unbelievably tacky haircuts and great music
Ola Magnell - Nya perspektiv (New perspectives)


Per Stromsjo said...

I agree about A&F. Those of us who actually *do* drive (mind you, reluctantly that is in my case) won't go anywhere without one of their albums in the CD player.

Pia K said...

And I won't go anywhere without the iPod with selected songs of theirs on it.

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