Monday, October 03, 2011

the october weekend that was

autumnal drive with wifflesteinborgen, miffwinkle and magnolia

Had a lovely weekend - the first lovely only one in a long long time - with fine errands run, overall fabulous weather (thank goodness for Indian summer!), treats and good food, and wonderful old and new sights during the last cab outing for this year (alas, but at least the season lasted 5,5 months this year). It was a great reprieve from worries, I feel energised and I hope that'll last at least all week long because it'll be a busy one (in a good way).

Thank you kindly and wholeheartedly for your supportive and lovely comments regarding my first book - still  constantly doing a mental happy dance over it, yayness galore! - much much appreciated. And then some.

I do hope your weekend was at least as lovely as mine and that this week will be a kind one ~






Fuzzy Tales said...

LOVE all of today's photos, just glorious! I'm glad you had a wonderful weekend...We were *freezing* here, with high winds and rain. Raw weather, a harbinger of things to come. But at least we'll be warm again as the week progresses--I'm not ready to don long johns for winter yet. LOL.

Elephant's Child said...

Ooooh. What beautiful photos. What are the glorious pink plants in pots (excuse the alliteration) in the final picture? And I am thrilled that you had a good weekend.

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