Thursday, October 13, 2011

the blue stripey dust-coat dress


For some reason I've always had a soft garment spot for dust-coats and shirt dresses. Admittedly I try my very best to dust as little as possible, so the appeal of the dust-coatish dresses must be the overall unpretentiousness of flattering design I think (like the lotsa pocket dress ).

Admission number two; over the years I've rarely ever found the perfect dust-coat that fits and flatters. It's just a little dream of mine.


Browsing a Red Cross charity shop last summer I happened upon a row of dresses with a sign saying "Party dresses 75 sek, other dresses 60 sek" (~11 usd resp 9 usd). The so called party dresses where definitely not suitable for any party I'd like to attend (to put it politely), but then this "other dresses" blue stripey piece in sturdy cotton caught my eye.


It was one of this sticky hot summer days and trying on clothes in a poky fitting room was not high on the agenda. But somehow the dress felt special, well made in a home-sewn style, crisp in that just washed way, probably never worn, in a style reminding me of a shop assistant in a 1930-40ies shop. So I tried it on. And it was lovely. I'm pretty sure not everyone would agree on its perfectness, but I really really enjoy the understated style, the sturdy cotton, the slight puff sleeves, worn unrolled or not, the tad oversizedness which will look great both with and without a belt.

The full row of buttons allowing you to wear it like a dress or a coat. Teamed up with a great pair of  stockings (I do enjoy these lace ones which have served me well, violet walking or not) or socks, a fabulous pair of shoes, jewellery and possibly a hat I think it'll look quirky swell.


How's your relationship with dust-coats?
Good, bad, indifferent?


Elephant's Child said...

Love them, and love that one too.

Unknown said...

Wow, you know... I never really thought about it. I think the only ones I've ever seen were either made of hideous polyester print and worn by someone's great-aunt, or worn by the men of Monty Python. This does.not. appear to be of that genre, and that yellow beret with it? Divine.

Expats Again said...

Great find, like the fabric!

Kea said...

There's nothing better than a great bargain, no matter what your preferred style!

I hope you have a wonder-full weekend! :-)

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