Thursday, October 27, 2011

post-travel reflections


It was lovely to get a bit of sun, warmth and change of scenery. It was indeed a pretty, picturesque city (more of later) with nice things to see and do, but there where also two drawbacks that make it less than likely it'll qualify for my "favourite-cities-list".

1) To say the least it lacked a lot where vegetarian food was concerned (thank you cheap Indian restaurant near the hotel, it wasn't your fault the breakfasts and lunches were far from decent).

And apart from the lovely vegetarian/vegan restaurant we went to on my birthday - thank you so so much for your kind wishes! - I found both the lack of fresh vegetables served with food (I want my carrots!) and an overall organic thinking quite observable. In this day and age, when it's so easy to get information thus make a change this leaves me sad and yes, I admit it does put a dampen on a holiday. For me.

2) Pretty much every street was cobbled. Looked lovely - one can only imagine the work once upon a time gone into this... - was hell to walk on. I'm used to walking a lot and for hours on city streets, the feet may be tired, but they're never sore. Until now. Jeez...

In my early teens I had issues with calcaneal spur on my right foot. It petered out and has never caused any major problems. Well, until now. Suddenly, major pain in right heel after having walked uphill, downhill for a day - in sensible shoes, always - forcing me to compensate with the left leg, which gave twinges of pain in my left knee which couldn't be ignored. I actually couldn't help myself but bawled my eyes out twice on the streets of an unknown city. Luckily taxi was cheap.

So. It was a getaway with both sweet and sour moments, some more ignorable than others. But as always, it gave useful perspectives on my way of life, on the Swedish way of life, the good and the bad. And after all, inspiration and perspectives, that's what travelling is all about. For me.

It also brought a pair of pretty shoes. Good travelling does that too. Purple, brogue, oxfords, what's not to adore? Hopefully they will also prove to be comfortable to walk in - once feet are more their usual selves again - and then I will show and tell more. Because shoe posts are good posts, right? Right.


PS Travel literature was good too, haven't finished it yet, but will very soon DS


Fuzzy Tales said...

Welcome back. :-)

I hope that in spite of foot soreness and a lack of good vegetarian food, the trip overall was fun, with lots of "happys."

Certainly the shoes would be a "happy!"

Lost Star said...

I ADORE those shoes! You have such an amazing shoe taste and collection!

When I was in Berlin last year I bought and wore in my birkenstocks. It wasn't my best plan to wear them for two days of straight city walking! So I feel your pain! I hope yours gets better soon and stops causing you hassle!


Growing Up Gramma said...

L-O-V-E the shoes!!!!!

Oh, how I wish I could travel! that is my one dream! Maybe someday. Can't wait to see pictures!

Poppy Q said...

ohhh the shoes are great, and what a good birthday present.

Elephant's Child said...

I am not a shoe person, but lusted after those purple beauties. I hope the good outweighed the bad.

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