Monday, October 31, 2011

where have you been all my life, t-sac?


I do have a few favourite tea-strainers - the good quality ones that don't break or are warped thus let all the tea leafs out in the cup and are easy to clean - but my experience is also that they aren't very dependable in the long run, they break, they get warped and very many aren't that easy to clean. But so far, I do adore my little robot guy.

Though ever since we saw and tried these nifty (biodegradable chlorine-free) tea filters for loose tea past summer I've been looking for them. In vain until now. Suddenly the loose tea drinking seems much more effortless - yes, apparently we are just that tad bit lazy... - somehow. I would like to compost them though.

Yes, overall it seems rather a waste that a household with so much teabags and vegetable peels not has a compost, I know. There was two large horrible looking plastic compost bins when we moved in here (10 years ago). I got rid of those eyesores after a few years and have been meaning to get something smaller, modern, less visible and convenient since. One of my goals for this year was actually to finally get one. I haven't. And I don't plan to start looking now, during winter.

So I'm thinking one might make a DIY project compost, something small and simple. Kind of 'for teabags only'. To begin with. Until spring. I obviously need to Google 'make your own compost'. While drinking more loose tea and throughly enjoying my new friend the t-sac.


Elephant's Child said...

A small worm farm? They are partial to tea leaves and tea bags. And in fact pretty much everything a vegetarian household could offer them except for onions and citrus.

P.K said...

The tea sac is a great little addition to tea making supplies. I have a composter, that has moved around our tiny yard, but only put greens and tea and coffee grounds due to the aggressive raccoon population here. Cheers.

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