Friday, October 28, 2011

on the last october weekend


Sadly the pink flowers will most certainly be scarce on my weekend - but briefly a week ago they were mine to admire - the blue skies probably too.

But there'll be reshuffling of furniture to make room for a brighter future (in many ways) and, what I hope is, an entertaining movie. That will do. Quite possibly inauguration of purple shoes. And baking of cakes. That's quite nice too.

Whatever you're up to this last October weekend - dear month, you've been quite a good month, I'm sad to see you leave -

I hope you'll have a lovely one!  



The Elephant's Child said...

Glorious pink flowers, great shoes. Have a wonderful weekend.

Felis said...

WOW, I thought you are on vacation and missed all week posts!
Happy birthday belated! Wish you happy and charm year! Last year you told you don't approve e-cards, so I don't send you this year.
About this post: I like end of the autumn, because there is time to planting flowers. For beautiful spring you have to start with autumn :) . Have nice weekend to all!

pärlbesatt said...

Oh, bougainvillea, jag är döööööavis!!!

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