Wednesday, October 12, 2011

three random things on my kitchen table


And they colour match, go figure! My kitchen table has obviously moved a long way from that crafty kitchen table it was at Christmas time. Now and then I clean up, make an open space of the table, but it never take a long time before it's clutter heaven again. But I always hold my head high - but rarely have lots of guests at home - and remember the wise words of someone unknown "any kind of idiot can live in order, only a true genius master chaos".

This cleaning time around I found three random items and was indeed very pleased that they even matched, lime and lavender - a purple bramble scent soap
(yes the lime ribbon was sitting in a flower pot full of trinkets right beside it), li'l Hoptimist and a lime nailpolish. They all apparently have their natural place on the kitchen table according to the life of me.

If you found three random things on your kitchen table, what would they be?
And would they colour match?


Fuzzy Tales said...

Alas, my "kitchen" table (in the open living/dining area) is cluttered with the laptop, speakers, basket filled with receipts and miscellaneous papers. Nothing colour-coordinated or interesting. Oh, except for the gluten-free cookbook that I ordered and received a few weeks ago, and have yet to look at!

Lost Star said...

I don't have a kitchen table. But, if I did, three items would probably be an open cookbook (probably Bread by River Cottage), an empty mug, and a notebook! Probably not matching! And that's not really random.

Actually, on my kitchen sides currently resides a growing pirate, an empty kilnar jar ready for Christmas crafting, and an open cookbook. I need to tidy up I fear!

I look forward to when I can have a kitchen table. I want a large wooden one. Traditional kind! :D

DahnStarr said...

I have a table covered in papers, a spilling over purse, keys, bills, cards, reading glasses, canning jars, photo book, just delivered photos, camera, flash cards, fruit bowl with fake fruit (made by my mother in the 1970's) and two jacabunnies. What is this kitchen table that you speak of!?!

Elephant's Child said...

Unless I am very quick, Jazz the cat is on my kitchen table. He is interesting in everything upon it, and likes to batt them to the floor. And no, no colour matching.

Growing Up Gramma said...

Right now there is a pair of scissors, a watercolor paint set, and a pair of wire cutters for silk flowers. Along with mail and my purse and an Illinois Illini, thingy that was put on my Bazinga's Iowa Hawkeye, collar when he was being watched by Illini fans when we were out of town for Alyssa's wedding. Yeah, house cleaning is not my number one goal in life.

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