Friday, October 21, 2011

travel literature


Picked up two new books to have as travel literature - as if the piles unread I have already wasn't enough to chose from, but there's just something irresistable with a brand new book bought for a specific purpose I think - a Swedish suspense novel that many have raved about "Döden på en blek häst" (Death on a pale horse) by Amanda Hellberg. Set in Oxford, where the author apparently lives herself.

Admittedly I am very hesistant to try out new Swedish crime novelists, because there are so many crap of them around. Bestselling, often translated too and I can't for my life understand why, but alas the yearn for rubbish literature seems endless. But the gorgeous cover alone made me intrigued, the plot too. I began reading it at the kitchen table when I got home and was immediately drawned into the story. Had to restrain myself from continuing, it is after all something I want to enjoy on a long flight. But hey, how wonderful it was, the rekindle of the feeling of not really wanting to put a book down!

I also got John Irving's latest, "Last night in Twisted River". Given I wasn't very fond of his previous one - sadly, since he is one of my favourite writers ever - it was a bit hesitantly I did so. This time I got it in Swedish, half of his books I've read in Swedish half in English, many books lose a lot of their identity in translation, but his has always been excellently translated. I hope this one will have been too.

I will probably put down a half-read book (due to the losing reading-mojo issue) in my bag too, hopefully a spark has been lit and it would be magical if I could finish an old-ish book to!

Time for packing the suitcase, we're off tomorrow - to the not so secret destination - and will land in Sweden again by the end of next week. The Internet connection at destination sin't boding to well, so the tales to tell and photos to show will have to wait until return. Cat-, dog- house-sitter is installed. The forecast for the destination shows rain, rain, rain, I bet it's just because I whined a bit about it not being a destination I had hoped for. Wanted autumn weather streets to stroll, got it. Just when I had gotten used to the idea of summerish weather and sun. Ah well, I'm sure it'll be fabulous anyway.

I hope your weekend will be lovely and
the October week to come too

and hey, don't forget to enter the my-first-book-giveaway if you feel like something joyous


The Elephant's Child said...

Have a wonderful time away anyway and I so hope your reading mojo is back.

Åsa said...

Åh, Pia, jag önskar dig så en skön resa!! Varthän i värden det nu blir. Hoppas inte London iaf eftersom det är stört omöjligt att spara pengar där :/ Kanske blir det en skön strand längre söder ut... *drömmer mig bort*

Och jösses, vilken tur att jag hann se detta innan jag gick till posten då Hellbergs bok ligger i ett paket jag tänkt skicka till dig! Jag som i princip aldrig läser deckare, förutom en Anne Holt en gång, föll pladask för den och kunde inte lägga ifrån mig boken. Hoppas du också kommer gilla den.

Och när du är hemma igen är det bara två veckor kvar tills jag kommer till stora staden och då får du berätta om resan :)

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