Wednesday, June 27, 2012

the beat


What I learnt today;

~ That I really should put my perfume bottles etc somewhere else than above the bags with paper recycling. I was looking in vain for my summer perfume bottle today and have to realise it has most probably fallen into the recycling bag. RIP little perfume, I hope you didn't mess up the paper recycling process too much...

Found another perfume bottle stuck behind the sofa in the entry hall though. Had forgotten about it. Will act as new summer perfume. The Beat.

~ That having extensive blood tests taken doesn't necessarily mean you're non the wiser when getting the results. My ESR is conciderably lower and nearly normal again, other blood counts are either normal or showing tiny too much or too little of whatever they're suppose to show, but that can of course be due to the indeterminable infection. Conclusion; find a good general practitioner - haven't been to one in ages, a few crappy ones, but not a good one for many years. Though happy I haven't needed one for any forcing issues. Touch wood - and get the tests taken again after summer.

Meanwhile let the nose drip continue. And the tiredness. Sigh. Or get well, one day at a time.

~ Finding a bottle of concealer doesn't mean that the dark cirles under eyes magically disappear. Instead it gives you a grand choice of looking like a panda with either dark circles or white circles under eyes. Did I mention I am so looking forward to the passport photo shoot on Friday?


~ Very small fluffs can find mysterious, still unknown hiding places to sleep in the kitchen and get locked in there all night. All alone. Without meowing. Two nights in a row. His you-have-to-make-this-up-for-me-fund is now enormous.

Such fluffs also love stealing food from plate and are very fond of such distinguished foods as garlic marinated mushrooms, grilled courgette and grated carrots.

~ When one finally feel all prepared and excited about sewing those two pair of skirts for which one recently found two excellent pieces of odd fabrics one shouldn't rely on the amateurish fixing of gnawed cord on sewing machine pedal. Gnawing by unknown beast. It didn't work. Very upset and annoyed One.

Still love, love, love those pieces of fabric though! They will make fabulous skirts. Hopefully one can easily find a new pedal. And keep it away from gnawing beasts.

So. I'd love to know, what lessons did you learn today?


Fuzzy Tales said...

I didn't learn anything nearly as "interesting" as you did. Just that my capacity to make foolish errors at work is unabated and apparently endless. (Nothing serious, though, thank goodness.)

BTW, I'm astounded at the "small fluff" being locked up and NOT meowing!

DahnStarr said...

That I'm ready to retire from work but not in a financial way. That little Shih Tzu dogs do not like cherries but maybe more of a 'what did GimLee learn today' question. Also, that all of the really good looking cherries are out of my arms reach...darn

Josie Crafter said...

Hi there Pia
Thank you for visiting and leaving your lovely kind comment. So sad to hear that you lost long-loved furry friends last year - it really is the hardest thing isn't it? Your kitten looks delightful. I remember when my cats were so tiny I could carry both in one hand. They would find the most unusual places to explore and get stuck - I was a bag of nerves then!
My days are so full of family stuff these last months or year, that I've not visited blog pals very much. So I do apologise for my absence, but I do hope to remedy that over the coming months.
Sending you lots of virtual hugs and I hope that your illness recovers very soon,
Take care, xx

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