Tuesday, June 19, 2012

tuesday things

soy latte and bobbaloos

The randomness of this June Tuesday;

Admittedly I was too tired yesterday too, but today hooray, I managed to get out of bed early and have those blood samples taken. It was a slightly more painful story than usual, I had more close encounters with needles than I had anticipated before it worked, behold photo proof. *Poor me*

poor me

And yes, this round of samples will also have a look at possible thyroid disorder etc. Possibly the test answers will come before Midsummer.

As I had already treated myself to all sorts of nice things past weekend the treat of the day was a soy latte. To be able to thoroughly enjoy the flavour of one is an acquired taste, wouldn't you agree? The soy milk flavour in cooking and baking isn't distinguishable. But in coffee it is. And not in a pleasant way. But I feel like a kinder earthling having one. And it is kinder to my tummy. And after all, a latte is a pretty rare treat, the switching to no dairy tea is a far greater thing which has gone surprisingly swimmingly well, I'm sure this will feel just fine one day, if not today.

choices choices

For some reason I lust after yellow things this summer - the, for me, least befitting colour I never wear in clothes - so I got me a couple of comfy chairs for garden, perfect to sit and sip lemonade in my white corner under the clematis, beside the mock orange. Still contemplating having one of these sunchairs - albeit uncomfy without a pillow support for the back curve - but since it comes in pink too it's a tricky tricky choice to make...

Next week I'm hoping a very special yellow nailpolish will arrive in the mail.

Do you have a special colour you lust after this summer?


Tomorrow will hold a most pleasant day trip to Åland with the mother. I love have you can always get a bargain price - in this case zero cost for the ticket - and have a change of scenery and air going to Åland. Lovely any time of the year, but of course, spending a couple of hours on deck soaking in the sun in the summer... bliss.

The six-ish hours we have in Mariehamn will be spent walking, browsing shops, having only very nice things to eat and drink. The perfect wee getaway. The sun is said to be generous and benevolent. I'm planning to in a daredevilish way inaugurate the new open toe shoes. In case, by the end of day, feet require a patch or two, I've (befittingly) packed Moomin ones.

I hope your week so far has been a good one.
And continue to be so ~

shoe per diem june 19, 2012 - pink petals

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