Tuesday, June 05, 2012

two little blue boys for sale


A few days later, things changed in a very unexpected and unfortunate way and now Åskar, darling little Åskar, is for sale too. Alongside his cute fluff brother Årvar aka Sir Plupp above. I haven't really bothered with the advertising as such, but have adopted the laidback view that "things will work out, as things tend to do".

When I learnt today that Åskar's to-be-owner had changed her mind about him - with an excuse and in a way I admittedly find rather strange, for many reasons, though she was very nice and apologetic about it still, it's disappointing for many reasons... - and suddenly there were two little adorable fellas that are looking for loving forever homes (ready to move in three weeks) I felt I might have to adopt a less laidback and more active view on the matter.

åskar and ågot

The chance to sell kittens via the blog slim of course, needless to say this isn't the natural forum for it, but still, in case you happen to stumble in here, looking to buy a British Shorthair - or in the case of Årvar a longhair version - read more about them and my stipulations at the Luddkolt's website

åskar and ågot
"my brother is such a blue, perfect catch, ya' know"


Fuzzy Tales said...

My "boys" will send purrs that they both find wonderful forever homes. It would be lovely if someone would take them both!

DahnStarr said...

Those faces should help seal-the-deal! Sweet, sad and oh so cute. But, alas too far away for us.

Growing Up Gramma said...

Only if only!!!! I'd take them both in a second, but much too far away!

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