Thursday, June 07, 2012

grumme green detergent


When I travel I usually pick up "souvenirs" that are useful, food items, skincare and such. Plus I've had nice washing up and doing the dishes moments with local detergents with scents that remind me of the latest holiday destinations.

But with the world being as it is, the ecological point of view in some countries more than others do leave a lot to be desired, including the ingredients in something as seemingly simple as a washing up liquid, I don't buy that stuff anymore. (But good eco skincare, yes please!)

Besides, I've found the best detergent there is. Grumme is a classic Swedish soft soap brand that begun its journey 1882 in Stockholm. The green or yellow soft soap with its distinct scent have been used, at one point or regularly, in most every home since for washing the floors.

The range of products have since grown and now Grumme also offers soft scented soaps, laundry- and dishwasher detergents. Plus of course this one for doing the dishes the old way, by hand. I haven't tried the other scents, but I don't need to, since I'm completely smitten by this one. The green one called Natur (Nature) smells of freshly mowed lawn. One of the sweetest, most reviving scents there is, according to me.

Grumme is well-known for being a caring and conscientious eco brand, plus the products are good and long-lasting. I'm so glad I tried this one detergent once upon a time a few years ago, it hasn't left my kitchen sink since.

What is/are your favourite green product/s and why?



Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Pia

I love Mrs Meyer's items. They smell so good and are very good for the enviroment.

Take care!

Tracy :-)

DahnStarr said...

Have used 'Dawn" original scent dishwashing liquid for years. (Have washed dishes by hand for as long as I can remember.) It is the soap that is used to clean up birds, etc. after oil spills.

econ said...

I use Dawn also. Grumme green soap is milder in smell and has more uses. I bet it would out sell Dawn if we could get it in the USA for a competitive price

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