Saturday, June 30, 2012

vegetarian summer barbecue

veggie midsummer barbecue

To have fresh grilled vegetables alongside halloumi or soy-sausages plus a nice salad, that is summer dinner bliss to me. Unfortunately I think our old-ish barbecue needs replacing, but it managed to produce - or at least make the final details happen - this on Midsummer. And all the bobbaloos who weren't with us last summer enjoyed a feast too.

Yes I may loath the concept of Swedish Midsummer, but I'm a sucker for a decent vegetarian dinner. Next time the veggies need to be marinated for a longer time, all that awesome garlic needs to get down to flavour business for real. But it was still a wonderful meal, and we had lots of leftovers to make nice dinners/lunches for the rest of the week.

veggie midsummer barbecue
soy-sausages and yellow paprika
veggie midsummer barbecue
veggie midsummer barbecue
courgette and halloumi
veggie midsummer barbecue
new potatoes
veggie midsummer barbecue
simple salad with only lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and radish
midsummer beverages
the last bottle of fabulous sangria in a pretty pitcher
plus lovely non-alcoholic beverages

midsummer cream cake
to round the meal of nicely my mum had brought a lovely rhubarb sponge cake.
which i turned into cream cake awesomeness with fresh strawberries

It was such a vegetarian feast! We really need to make more use of the barbecue possibilities this time of the year. And try to grill fresh pineapple or other fruits too.

Which are your vegetarian favourites for a good barbecue?
Marinated, flavoured in some way or just as is?

I'd love to get some good tips!

veggie midsummer barbecue

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