Wednesday, June 06, 2012

sweden's national day

lilies of the valley and bobbaloos

I used to find it quite appalling that our national day wasn't a public holiday, today when it actually is a public holiday I find oh so many other things in life, in Sweden so much more appalling, worthy of their own day.

Perhaps we should call today, June 6, like proposed last year The Swedish Bobbaloo Settlement's Day instead? I don't see any blue-yellow pastries today, but I'm sure we'll do something nice during it. Simply a public holiday, national day or not, well spent.

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Unknown said...

Civic Holidays are just another day! At your house it is cat day and dog day, and bobbaloo Day...Have some nice pastries to celebrate all of the above, and we will join with you!
Have a happy day, no matter what you do!

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