Sunday, June 10, 2012

sunday thoughts

rapeseed field and i

I've spent a lot of time thinking this past week. Which means I'm quite possibly feeling a bit better than the week before and the months before that and so forth. Some of the things I've contemplated are;

~ That too many people are narrow-minded due to cultural and religious backgrounds, that we all sadly are aware of, but that simply a certain lifestyle, a hobby or a passionate interest, can make people unable to take a step back, see the situation from a distance, think logical about certain matters, that still astonish me. And saddens too of course.

And when one has an interest in the matter there's really no point of trying to reason with someone who has already their mind set, since who am I to have logical arguments about the matter, I who have an interest in seeing things being resolved in a nice way. At least according to the person who has already had her/his mind set on things.

~ I wish the lilacs season would continue for a lot longer. They are pretty much overblown already. The rhododendron soon too, the peonies transient, one day here, next day gone, honeysuckle also. And roses already, isn't that way too soon?

~ When one gets the tax refund one should get a new pair of shoes, right? So that's what I did. Ever since I began pining (on a hot summer day) after a comfy pair of open toe shoes I've been in vain searching for the right pair, in the right colour. El Naturalista had some lovely new models/colours this season. I hope they will be a good match to my feet when they arrive this week. If not - touch wood - at least I don't have to pay any extra to return them.

~ We had our annual cab outing with friends last Friday - and even after all these years, the liberating feeling of riding a cab blows me away, love love its mind-cleansing, at least for a moment, properties - it was lovely and the weather was spot on.

But it also got me thinking about how many people who just accept things as they are, living their lives with no care whatsoever on their own impact on the rest of the world. And that I find appalling, when there are so many small things, with little effort and thought, we can do to make things better in the bigger scheme of things. When I point that out, in a nice manner, I'm always surprised at how either defensive or embarrassed giggly people get.

Seriously, why can't people just think that little bit extra when they make choices? And how come so many employees seem to accept the wear and tear-mentality with a total lack of CSR their employers obviously shamelessly stands for?

I strive to be a better earthling, when I make a decision that will impact others in a greater way I do it consciously, if it's a bad decision - we all make those - I am aware of that I could have made a more kind, caring one, but for probably selfish reasons I didn't. I was kind to myself, but it would have made less of a bad impact on others if I had gone the other way decisionwise. Sometimes we have to be kind to ourselves, treat ourselves. But admittedly, I always want to be a better person, so even if not today, next time I will make a better decision.

~ I think a lot about the collective sorrow of cows. When I think about what they have endured, are enduring, every day, all over the world, I weep.

I'm really very pleased I've given up having milk in my tea and, previously, in my cooking/baking. That's a huge step in the right direction to be a more compassionate earthling. Vegetarian cheese and organic butter I still use. One step at a time, one step at a time.

~ With Prosit business starting we said that this summer would be a no travel summer - oh I miss Berlin, I want to go back again and again and... I would also love to return to my home away from home Scotland and Yorkshire, it's crazy that it's been four years since... - just a day trip here and there. But then suddenly M said 'do you want to have a few days in Gdansk?', apparently there are crazy good deals right now and I (consciously made a decision and) said 'YES!'.

So in mid July, for a few days, I'll get to see the gorgeous place that is Gdansk again, yayness! Eat all that fabulous vegetarian food, which surprised me, walk the pretty streets, roam Sephora, visit adorable cafés and most of all return to Sopot and savour every minute of my must-visit to Jozef K...

The downside of the trip is that I need to renew my passport. These days we can only take the passport photo at the police station thus I can't control the picture like I could with the ID-card. I look like a mad witch on my current passport, still I'm certain the new photo can possibly get worse. I'm not sure if one's allowed to wear glasses on the passport these days, which is ridiculous if one is a regular foureyes of course, I'm addicted to my dotty pair. They're my safe haven. Before I found them contact lenses was a must, I basically wore glasses only when I was tired or ill. Now glasses, dotty ones, is a must.

~ When I changed to a new iPhone I had plus 5000 photos in the old one, I saved them and then one my one went through and erased so I was down to a reasonable 150 in the new phone. It now holds 2500 photos already. It may be the fact that I rarely bring the DSLR with me these days, if I'm not out on a photo excursion in a new place. I rely on the iPhone and its pretty awesome optics (given good light). But I hate that it's so easy to snap away, because getting down to the image processing, saving and erasing... well that's another story. Luxuary problem.

~ This is the first blog post ever written in pink office. Huzzah! Not sure what's taken me this long... Now when the natural light allows decent photos being taken I may even snap some to show the office properly. The calm creative space I call mine.

shoe per diem june 6, 2012 - all green

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Elephant's Child said...

Such a long and thoughtful post. I agree. I try and think of others and when selfishness creeps in - as it does occasionally, I make a committment to do better next time.
Wonderful green shoes - and they look comfortable as well.

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