Thursday, March 07, 2013

clever three

clever three

Keep having clever cat moments. From left to right Ågot, Siri and Sigrid aka from right to left grandmother, aunt, niece/granddaughter. Obviously very much related. Clever darlings. And pretty cute too.

-- more clever cat moments in brain trust triocuddle trio and crowded --

~ The second good thing today was that I finally feel like the darn cold is going in the right direction ie away. still lots of nuisance left, no sense of smell or taste, nasty cough and a runny nose (well, another kind of runny nose than the one i've had for a year i mean). Touch wood. Now it's M's turn to have a cold. And we all know how bad a man flu can be. Ah well.

~ We've also talked through the heartbreaking dog issue and decided to put a letter of interest at the dog shelter. For obvious reasons we can't take a dog with a problematic background, but there seem to be quite a few smaller sized ones with just bad luck and no tough history looking for new homes too regularly. Like the little fella the other day. I was so touched but what Julianna said the other day, "it's not a replacement but they heal us, they really really do". Just give love and get love in return. I've decided to go with that and it feels better to have put something in motion, even if it will take time for the right little dog soul to get here, but one day it will. Even if I will forever mourn the fact that little loaf went far far too soon.

I'm glad there are always clever cats for company and cuddle.

clever three

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Elephant's Child said...

I adore your clever (and beautiful) cats. And am very happy that you have put the first steps to adopting a new dog in train. When it happens it will be right for both you, and for the dog.

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