Friday, March 01, 2013

cold remedies

from nowhere a cold has struck. only my left side is affected (nose, throat, ear, jaw, shoulder and back) which is quite bizarre. my last cold - if one doesn't count the runny left nostril issue soon having a one year anniversary - was in late november so i would have appreciated not having to deal with a new one already. but i guess it's that time of the year alas.

trying to beat it with this (international stylee);

:: ginger chews (indonesia)
:: herby mints (old recipe from a pharmacy in wittenberg, germany)
:: ginger tea drink (thailand)
:: black currant medicine (finland)

spicy pumpkin soup and garlic bread for dinner.

i really don't feel like losing the whole weekend to the cough and snivels. fingers crossed.

what's your best cold remedy/ies?


Unknown said...

cold remedies...mmmmm...I like ginger and lemmon tea, it is very soothing to my person, not so sure about the cold...LOL

Elephant's Child said...

Hot lemon drinks, sleep and time. I am always appalled at how miserable a cold (which is really quite a minor ailment) makes me feel. I hope you get better very soon.

Anonymous said...

i like this tea

RedPat said...

Zinc lozenges work all the time!

Kea said...

I swear by echinacea--I double or triple the dose as soon as I start to feel under the weather.

Failing that, a shot of *good* whiskey. But not with any cold medication. LOL.

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