Tuesday, March 05, 2013

eating out ~ légumes

légumes mat

I'm so so glad I finally got around trying this classic vegetarian place out last year (what took me so long??). Légumes in Stockholm serves a hearty vegetarian buffet - but unlike most buffets you don't take the food yourself but point out to the staff what you want and they serve you. You can go back for a refill. - open every day from 10 am - 10 pm.

Since the buffet is all that they serve (you can chose to have a sandwich with some buffet food on top if you want a smaller meal) great care has been taken on making it diverse and interesting. It consists of all sorts of fantastic vegan and vegetarian dishes, fresh, well seasoned, some spicy, some not but everything is just so so tasty!

I have five things I stay away from at the buffet, after eating my way through it, not because they're not good but because they don't appeal to my particular palate or make me feel stuffed in an unpleasant way with all of the other food; ratatouille, lasagna, sundried tomatoes, stuffed cabbage roll, chickpeas.

Other than that, I want a little bit of everything, please. (Even the bobbaloos, known for their sweet tooth, relish a plate here.) You always leave the place feeling very satisfied but never stuffed. Despite huge portions, I'm amazed every time.

Légumes immediately went straight to a shared top place on my favourite vegetarian restaurants/cafés in Stockholm. Which are sadly few and far apart here. Conveniently located on the southside of the inner city, not a cosy place, but the food is awesome and very affordable. Outdoor seatings in the summer. Also take-away.

What's your favourite vegetarian place in your home town and why?


Hornsgatan 80, Stockholm

+46 (0)8-669 35 35
open mo - sun 10 am - 10 pm


Bianca said...

Spirit, Rotterdam. http://www.spiritrotterdam.nl/?lang=en
The restaurant is buffet style, but I love it. You walk around (as there's abundant choice), scoop up, pay at the till (they weigh your food!), sit down and dig in.
Not being a vegetarian myself, it's safe to say it's the kind of restaurant where they serve the kind of food where a non vegetarian eats
without missing the meat! :-)

Elephant's Child said...

We have very, very few vegetarian places. Most retaurants/cafes can produce one or two vegetarian dishes - but mostly show a marked lack of imagination. A vegetable stack is one of the most common. Boring. And significantly overpriced as well. Ditto stuffed capsicum. Sigh.

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