Monday, March 04, 2013

two weeks later


another week has passed. no more of this kind of cuddle. never ever again.

amidst all the sorrow, admittedly i have been glancing at shelter dogs, hoping there are good families for each and everyone of them. right now there's a little scruffy fella, eight months old, mixed terrier breed who looks and sounds absolutely lovely, fun and mischiveous.

the reason for him being brought to the shelter is that the family's cat couldn't stand him. pretty certain cat wasn't interested in tyke playing. i'm sure the right cat/s would be so much fun with him. if it was a year from now, i probably wouldn't hesitate a bit to go see the little fella.

now is not the time.

like cat and dog


Julianna said...

Oh, Pia... Honey, I lost two of my bestest lovey dogs in three months last year (plus a bird!). After the second dog passed, I realized I simply could not BE without one. We went to the shelter and got Andy the I was absolutely stunned t how much easier it was to have SOMEONE. Did it replace Wally or Jack? No. Not even close. But, having Andy DID give me someone to love on and snuggle with and pet and take care of. He needed us and we needed him. And while my heart will always be empty for the two who came before him, Andy has his place as well. And it feels better to have something rather than nothing. I've been wanting to say that for two weeks, but was afraid to. They know how to heal us. They really, really do. All my best...

The Elephant's Child said...

The only 'right time' is when you are ready. Like Julianna when we lost two cats in eight weeks I was beside myself. I kept seeing them out of the corner of my eye and bursting into tears. So I rang the rescue society. Jewel does not replace the cats before her, but did fill a hole in the house. I miss the others, and always will but Jewel (and now Jazz) are much loved as well.

Kea said...

Yes, the only right time is when you're ready.

To be honest, right now I say that once my boys are gone (please let it not be for many years), I'll never have another cat (or dog or other companion species). The sickness and loss are so hard to bear.

But I really don't know. It would be difficult to come home to an empty house (I live alone but for the cats).

I do know that it took me about 18 months to make any sort of peace with Annie's passing, and sometimes I still miss her so much.

Sending you (((hugs))) and Light.

Just give your heart the space and time it needs.

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