Friday, March 08, 2013

women's day 2013

two paws, two shoes

Sadly, as with most things in this world, I find that this past year has not shown any progress as far as women's rights ie humans rights go. Instead rather quite the opposite, a seemingly neverending flow of anti-feminism, ungraspable hate, violence and scorn towards women by small-minded, stupid and afraid men.

It never ever cease to amaze me that so many men, people, can see women and feminism as a threat when in fact it's of course common sense and liberating for all, equal rights, equal power and voice, no stale gender stereotypes, for neither women nor men, girls or boys.

We live in a hopeless world. But I'm deeply touched everytime I see someone working towards a change for  a better planet. Me, I'm out of hope for that bigger picture, though I keep doing small kind acts, because kindness in daily life that is something I can still believe in.

Have a kind, heartfelt and caring Women's Day ~


Sienna Smythe said...

HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY! Yes, giving women power to be the best that they can be, is good for all. The world is a small place, so all should live together in harmony. I found a song on one of the sights, called "One Woman" written by Graham Lyle and Fallan Hassan, as part of the UN. It is worth looking at.(On Google)

The Elephant's Child said...

Kindness is never small. Heart warming and empowering. And yes, sadly I agree with you about the state of the wider world.

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