Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the importance of beauty and inspiration

when i cleaned out, painted and revamped the pink office i was adamant that apart from obviously work-related stuff i would not surround me with anything other than beautiful and inspiring things in that room - one room at a time, better than no room at all.

i've been good at not bringing non-pleasing things into the pink office, i've been very less than good at tweaking all my ideas on office interior details and upcycling into reality so far.

i know i promised pictures of said office when the paint was dry (over a year ago) and furnitured. keep putting that off since i want all the little this and that details to be perfect. at least the things that need a coat of paint. but soon, very soon. when weather allows painting to be done outdoors.

until then. ranuncula, three pretty pots on the window sill makes for inspiration and happiness.

1 comment:

Elephant's Child said...

I do love your ranuncula. Such a sunny flower.

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