Wednesday, March 13, 2013

budgie necklace


Saw this playful necklace in a museum shop last year, couldn't decide which one to get - there were hedgehogs, suricats, monkeys and such too - so I got none.

The first pets I had were two blue budgies - got them from a family friend that for reasons I can't remember couldn't keep them, an older, loving boy named Max and a younger female called My. In lack of better words she was a real b--ch and not of a very nice nature at all - thus the blue budgie somehow was the obvious choice.

When I later spotted the necklace in another shop I went for it. Such a pretty, perky, unpretentious thing. Since it's simply a little prefabricated Schleich plastic toy attached to a chain I wouldn't call the necklace a design and if one thinks about the copyright issue, well.... Be as that may, my necklace is from Swedish "designer" Caroline Byh, but I've seen similar necklaces in other countries and it's obviously very easy to make yourself, in other words not a very original but still a nice idea.


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The Elephant's Child said...

In one of our country homes we were lucky enough to see flocks of wild budgies - yellow and green and beautiful.

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