Wednesday, March 06, 2013

cat scarf, dog scarf


As you well know by now I have a soft spot for scarves (yes soft spot for any things, but scarves in different shapes, forms and materials I wear basically every day all year around, somehow I don't feel fully dressed without one).

The awesome woolly cat scarf I got as a gift at a the Christmas fair in Sigtuna last year. Snatched it before the fair had even opened, thought it was terribly fun and quirky. Paid way to little for it obviously - the perfect example of people not having the good sense of putting a reasonable price on their handmade goodies as well as people not having the decency to wanting to pay a reasoable price for said craft - perhaps one should have offered to pay more, but we didn't. How come one rarely does?


I've only worn it once due to the fact that winter has been really cold and harsh, the quilted jacket doesn't go well with the cat scarf. When weather turns anorak I'm hoping there will be a few days when wolly scarves are still okey to wear.


The dog scarf I oogled at the sales in January, didn't get it (despite it reminding me so much of little loaf) and when I returned to the shop it was sadly gone. Then I spotted it in a basket a month later at a very reduced price and home it came with me. Organic wool, fairtrade and cute, what's not to like?! (They sold a beret too in the same style, difficult to spot the dog pattern though so I didn't get that one.) From People Tree - which I sincerely is a company living up to all the lovely statements on their website.

dog meet dog

Guess what, I haven't used this scarf yet either. I thought Little Loaf and I would inaugurate it together, but a week later he was no longer here and I can't bring myself to wear it just yet.

So for now, cat scarf, dog scarf hanging side by side in my hallway in perfect harmony.


Yes sometimes shopping is good, for various reasons and sometimes it's not, for others.


Kea said...

Maybe next winter you will wear it, or maybe not. Either way, it's perfectly okay.


Lisen said...

Fantastiska! :)

Elephant's Child said...

Both beautiful - and wonderful interior decorations until you feel ready to wear them. I do love that cat scarf - and I never wear them.

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