Monday, April 13, 2015

colouring books for grown-ups

books, april 2015

Ever since I read about the phenomena of colouring books for adults I've wanted one. Because it's all about COLOURS and imagination and you don't have to be good at drawing to create the finishing touches to something magical. Seems like a perfect combination of relaxation and inspiration. And simple joy.

There are many different ones out there these days but I really wanted the "Enchanted forest" or "Secret garden" by Joanna Basford. Unfortunately they seem to be sold out wherever I've looked for them. But today I just happened to stumble over them. And "Enchanted forest" came home with me. Plus a batch of 24 gorgeous colouring pencils. Although it's highly likely I will be scouting for even more hues some time soon.

Can't wait to have the time to get started with the colouring!

Have you tried it? 
Did you like it?

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julochka said...

i have tried them - tho' i got lisa congdon's three - they remind me a bit of the mandala books that have been available as a "spotvare" in our Netto stores for some years now. but i find it very meditative. and i'm using Sharpies - both fine-lined and ordinary, plus my favorite stædtler fineliners. i may also have to try colored pencils, but for now, i am loving the markers.

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