Thursday, April 30, 2015

bye bye snapseed, hello ps express

these past few years my number one favourite photo app has been snapseed. it had great features and filters that set it apart from other photo apps. it was easy to understand and navigate.

sadly after the latest update all the great key features have been removed, now it's simply an average photo app like so many others. and not very user friendly anymore. the update reminds me so much of when flickr drastically changed for the worse and completely lost its charm.

but as with everything in life, when something is lost, another door opens. in this case i rediscovered ps express, an app that used to be average and quite boring but which has apparently also been updated. for the better. 

i absolutely adore its varied filter options, how easy it is to tweak the photos and the high quality and sharpeness of the end result.

from a real colour punch or soft and dreamy to eerie inverted or wistful black and white.

having so much fun, again, with the iphone camera! in fact it's like a new camera. so from the sadness (in a luxuary problem way of course) of losing a fabulous and reliable photo app i'm in love with an old, once boring now exciting one. looking at the magic achieved with the app, wouldn't you agree?

i use other photo apps too, but none has been as reliable as once snapseed. i'm glad i've found a new favourite. it may not have every advantage of former snapseed, but it has loads if others. obviously.

what's your favourite photo app? 

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