Friday, April 24, 2015

the horse scarf that was a zebra scarf

the zebra scarf

looking at the scarf now it seems ridiculous that i thought it was a beige scarf with black dalecarlian horses print. but when i spotted it in the window display that was exactly what it looked like. 

not really my colours (duh) but it was such a nice print and something that would go well with brighter colours. when the staff took it down and it turned out to be not horses but black/green striped zebras i knew i had to have it. 

the zebra scarf

i'm not an impulse buyer, but i do believe that is just what i did. or why no call it an earth day celebratory purchase? yes, that sounds better, with animals and in earth tones.

it's supersized and a blend of cotton/viscose. i've worn it already and it's really lovely, stylish even. an extra wee plus for the little bag it came in. a nice touch for a wonderful wearable piece. 

the horse scarf that turned out to be a zebra scarf.

the zebra scarf

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