Friday, April 03, 2015

lemon bread and grapefruit butter

food at home

A sourdough thyme bread with a hint of lemon that looks like a tiny sun. A little work of bread art. From a new (to me) bakery (Du bon pain = Gott bröd = Good bread) and oh my was it tasty! Made for the perfect Long Friday breakfast sandwiches. And enjoyed by paw inspectors too.

As for the grapefruit butter, well I wouldn't recommend anyone to spread this kind of butter on bread. Since body butter it is. Kiehl's fantastic creme de corps now apparently comes in the shape of body butter too. And scented versions. Since I'm a great fan of the grapefruit scent - or let's stick to one of my favourite words pamplemousse, shall we? - I knew I had to get a jar when I sniffed it. Will be perfect for my still dry winter skin I'm sure. And who doesn't enjoy the scent of pamplemousse?

 kiehl's creme de corps pamplemousse body butter, 2015

Correct answer to that question would most likely be: the cats.

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