Wednesday, April 15, 2015

all the pretty pencils

all the pretty pencils

When I bought the colouring book for grown-ups I also got some colourful pencils. It's such a long time since I used such pencils and given I bought them in a simple hobby store I didn't expect them to be of awesome quality. Still, I did expect more of them. They are very hard quality and it's too tricky to get a reasonable amount of colour filling for it to be fun.

Yes there's something irresistable and inspirational about sharp, new pencils in the colour of the rainbow. But for them to be fun to work with they really have to be of a softer and denser quality.

So I will look for better ones and also try pens of course. I think I'm more of a pen gal really. I have some reliable tips on good ones, come weekend I'll have a look in some artsy shops for the perfect pens and pencils.

The enchanted forest deserves that. And so do I.

all the pretty pencils

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Feisty Harriet said...

Swoon! I love new art supplies!!!


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