Monday, August 24, 2015

oatly vegan strawberry icecream

Excellent Swedish environmental concious, vegan brand Oatly now sells (or have been since spring) strawberry flavoured popsicles via the icecream truck Hemglass (Home Icecream), that appears in pretty much every neighbourhood all over Sweden once a week since as long as I can remember.

The Oatly icecream is one of their few products I rarely use since it contains palm oil - and it's not of the sustainable kind, if there is such a thing... - but well, it is better than cow's milk products so now and a rarely then I succumb.

This was the first time for the strawberry pops though - only tried their vanilla and chocolate in boxes before - and it was quite lovely. Very similar to an icecream that was around when I was a kid, brought back sweet memories.

And sharing is caring, kitties liked it too.

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