Friday, August 28, 2015

meet the magical recycling wardrobe

The thrifted wardrobe which purpose is to hold all the recycling bags - glass, tin, cardboard, paper, plastic - is now fully assembled and my hall is transformed. And there's no room for cats to jump up and inspect anymore.

I adore its new airy, quirky look - totally bobbaloo approved as you can see - and when I've put together the happy lights for the mirror it will be basically done, but for a few finishing touches.

It was sad to see the old thrifted, wooden sofa I bought and transformed when I moved to my second apartment in 1991 finally being demolished. But it was really beyond repair now - for which I blame the cats - and it had served me well for over 20 years. 

The hallway does look so much fresher and bigger without it - and a bit magical given the wardrobe's design. And to have all those recycling paper bags stored away is such a great relief.

Wardrobe from IKEA Mammut-series.

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