Wednesday, August 19, 2015

on the importance of colour coordinated shopping

My preferred things to souvenir-y shop these days seem to be

a) tea
b) nailpolish

And most of all, lovely tea in pretty tins make be really very happy. Did it in Berlin, now done it in Copenhagen.

This time I bought tea from the Danish tea merchant A.C Perch - adore the design of the tins! They come in many colours and I would have loved to have them all, but of course that would have been silly so I opted for the two must haves; pastel pink and green. Filled them with green rooibos pear ginger and rooibos rhubarb. Both very nice, if not as flavour packed as Løv tea. Lovely old tea shop, which also have a tea room that serves afternoon tea (next time).

The three OPI polishes are Suzi has a Swede tooth (pink), Berlin there done that (grey/beige, obviously I wanted to get this one in Berlin, but I didn't find it) and My gecko does tricks. The reason for splashing out on three bottles was that it was a 2 for 3 deal, with an additional discount for tourists. Ie impossible to say no to obviously,

The tiny, adorable cup with a wee dormouse is from Danish design house Bloomingville.

All items have been paw approved.

And I think circus nails in all three colours turned out rather nice in a fun yet polished (no pun intended) way.

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