Friday, August 14, 2015

nicecream copenhagen, vegan icecream of the best kind

During this week spent in Skåne and Copenhagen - as a sweet round off to this year's summer holidays. Of course there's at least a few weeks left of the summer, but work mode and preparing for work autumn will also begin next week - I've had the uttermost pleasure to eat a lot of fantastic vegan food (and some hyped I wasn't that impressed by). Of everything great though I think that the best thing has been the fantastic vegan icecream from newcomer Nicecream in Copenhagen. 

That a tiny hole in the wall icecream shop with a very limited menu and very unassuming vegan icecreams can create such flavoursome melt-in-your-mouth magic is pretty awesome. 

Yet one more proof that there's absolutely no reason one needs dairy to produce top quality icecreams. No need to use, abuse and kill all those millions of poor cows and calfs in the dairy industry, but instead enjoy a kind, healthy and delicious plant- and fruitbased nicecream. Which also is organic.

First visit: one pops with toffee strawberry, one with raspberry liquorice. Both were really very good, but I loved the toffee strawberry which tasted fantastic of both flavours and with nice chips of toffee.

Had to go back for more the next day: one pops with chocolate peanutbutter, one cookie sandwich triple chocolate chai. Again, both really very good but as far as I'm concerned: the crunchy peanutbutter, h e a v e n l y.

So glad I got to visit not only a great once but a glorious twice. And such a pity one doesn't live closer. Or not.

If you're in Copenhagen, don't miss this gem of a tiny, kind icecream heaven!

Elmegade 30

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