Tuesday, August 11, 2015

parents, we have a problem

Had the pleasure of a rare visit (since it's in the county of Skåne) to the lovely Friden Gårdskrog restaurant today. The garden, the magic and quirkiness of the place, the food and service was excellent as usual.

This sight of this sign was not. And it's absolutely awful that they have to put it up, because too many (Swedish) parents can't keep their children under control and teach them respect, values and manners.

"Parents! Because of a lot of damage the children's visits at Friden are under your supervision. That means, amongst under things:

Stones remain on ground - not thrown in fountain, on animals or windows.
Vegetable and flower beds should not be walked on."

Seriously, what's wrong with people these days?! If you decide to have children you have a huge responsibility to both them and the world. And with love, attention, responsibility and common sense teach them good values, decent manners, compassion, rules, respect for other living beings and also other people's property. Set boundaries.

That is YOUR duty as a parent of YOUR child. That selfish slacker behaviour too many (Swedish) parents show these days (and it has only gotten worse these past 10-15 years) is appalling. 

And forget the *argument* 'you don't have children so you can't POSSIBLY understand!' - there are many aspects of child rearing I probably can't understand, but the lack of parenting, attentiveness and supervision is very obvious to a parent or not alike. 

Plus we've all been children ourselves and most of us have spent time with friends and families with children where the lack of boundaries, respect and supervision aren't issues. Not to mention that selfishness, laziness and prestige are understandable to everyone. With half a brain cell.

What I find extra sad in the case of Friden restaurant is that it's a farm with an apple orchard and garden with cats and free roaming chickens that the family also live on. Ie it's someones' home as well as business. That they invite you to come and eat there, spend time, enjoy and relax is pretty darn amazing. 

And I can see it must be a wonderful place to bring your children to, for a nice meal, exploring and playing in the vast garden (and there are areas for that too). But that you would even consider them doing that without the supervision of a grown up - that is disgraceful. 

What could be a really lovely visit, for you, your family and all the other guests, turns into a havoc for everyone else involved just simply because you are selfish and lazy when it comes to your responsibilities as a parent of your children.

Behave towards others like you want others to behave towards you. Simple as that really. And please teach your children the same, they and the world will be a much better world for it.

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