Thursday, August 13, 2015

the prettiest bicycle

I bet this Copenhagen woman didn't wake up this morning thinking she'd end up in some Stockholm woman's blog riding her bike. 

But here she is! And the reason for that is that she rides what is probably the prettiest bicycle I've ever seen. It's not only of a very pleasing design in the best colour combination in the whole wide world - pink and green - with what seems like an über comfortable, wide saddle it also has a fabulous cherry print all over.

Dear Unknown in Copenhagen, I only snapped this to remember how a truly gorgeous bike looks like. And now the internets know it too. 

1 comment:

Sienna Smythe said...

Love the bicycle....I love the older looking models...the new ones may be sleek with fancy brakes and gears, but they don't look as pretty or ride as well as the older foot brake ones!!

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