Wednesday, August 05, 2015

recycle bins, please

For so many years now I've found it absolutely ridiculous that there aren't any 'paper' bins in the city that offers recycling possibilities. Because sorting your waste and recycling is so very important and Swedes are in general very  good at it. 

But as soon as you have something to eat and drink on the go (without a keepcup and such) there are no possibilities of sorting plastic, glass, tin, paper and waste. Everything gooes into the same bin. What a waste, on many levels.

Recently visited the city of Örebro (remember the big yellow rabbit?) and was so very pleasantly surprised by the fact that they had these simple, clever recycling bins: four compartments for respectively paper, glass, plastic and waste. Great!

Why this isn't obvious and obligatory in every city already, stupidity.

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