Monday, August 31, 2015

goodbye august 2015

To be honest, despite the trip to Skåne and Copenhagen and glorious summer weather all month, you have not been a good month, August.

A few sneezes on August 7 and the unexpected runny nose and tiredness from 2012 was back. I now realise it's some kind of allergic reaction to something airborne. And since I'm sceptical to doctors obviously, given that no doctor managed to do back in 2012 even with all those tests upon tests upon tests namely identify the reason for this nose nuisance, I've simply taken over-the-counter nose-sprays and pills to try and take control over it. The nose and annoying accompanying cough have become less prominent and I don't feel as tired as I initally did anymore. Brain is back. And that is a huge relief.

Unfortunately I had some weird setback last week when I suddenly experienced muscle pain, stiff neck, shoulders and headache. Kind of like with a really bad cold but at the same time not at all. To be honest it was pretty awful, a combination of painkillers, vetevärmare (wheat warmer) and fresh carrot/ginger juices made that go away after some days.

But of course, low energy levels pretty much all August have left me feeling pretty blah, uninspired and melancholic. And to be honest, once again, it was no fun at all to wake up to another sunny day - it was just difficult to breath with no rain in sight.

It was a real confirmation on how deeply I appreciate diverse weather and seasons to ever being able to live in a climate where it's pretty much the same weather day in day out all year round.

So despite being very sad to saying goodbye to the summer of 2015 - which has been lovely in general, but for the last month - I am truly glad to say bye bye to you, August. I will not be sad to see you go. And I'm hoping, wishing and finger-crossing vehemently that September will be just wonderful. And the nose nuisance and mysterious health setbacks will soon be a (unfortunately not so distant) memory. Onwards and upwards. And wonderful new adventures ohoy.

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