Tuesday, November 03, 2015

diy foot or bath salt

Seven years ago (!) I attended a December event at Rosendal's Garden to learn about how to make your own natural skincare products. It was lovely, but admittedly I have not practised a lot of the things we learnt. Apart from a few foot and bath salts I've given as gifts.

It had been a long long time since I last made one when I suddenly realised I had every ingredient home already to make a jar of it - it's basically, as I remembered it, the same ingredients in both foot and bath salt depending on what you want them to achieve and which herbs and essential oils you use.

I gave this jar as a little homemade, sweet-scented birthday gift to my friend over our brunch and this is what ingredients I used:

:: sea salt
:: dried mint
:: dried rose petals
:: drops of organic essential oils - orange, ginger, cardamom

Mix in a pleasing to the eye way in a clear jar (glass or plastic) with a secure lid. It smells wonderful, and with these essential oils very Christmassy. 

Happy pottering!

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