Sunday, November 15, 2015

organic tea collection from english tea shop

It seems like THE thing of shopping choice these days is tea - it's the perfect and useful souvenir somehow. And since I/we drink loads of tea there's most always room for more...

I bought a few tins and boxes of tea in Helsinki too. The prettiest may be this selection of organic and fairtrade teas from English Tea Shop. First time I tried this brand was last year when I got the chocolate, rooibos, vanilla tea, which was really lovely. I had hoped every single one of these 9 different teas in this collection would be equally nice, but sadly they are not. I think a few of them lack that fullness in flavour the above mentioned one has. They're a bit blah. But M has enjoyed some of the ones I don't like so all is well in the tin anyway.

And yes, a tea snoopervision session has certainly been held.

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