Thursday, November 26, 2015

the impawtance of a breadcutter machine

When I grew up we had a nifty breadcutter machine. It may seem like a superfluous gadget to have really, surely a good knife is as good as any clumpsy machine? 

No, in my not so humble opinion it is not. The breads and loafs I carve with a knife most always get to be to thick. And the further down the loaf I go the more uneven the slices. The sandwich experience just isn't as satisfying.

Sure, it's a luxuary problem, still I've thought a lot about that ol' bread machine... Seen similar ones at fleemarkets and thrift stores but yet never gotten around to buying one.

But last week M declared he had a surprise thing he found on Blocket (Swedish buy and sale site). It turned out to be an electric breadcutter machine. And it is brilliant. No more too thick and skewed slices of bread. Re-use at its best. 

The bread slices and therefore the cutter has (obviously) been paw approved.

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