Friday, November 20, 2015

the kränku tea advent calendar 2015

Last year I bought a bunch of lovely Christmassy teas from Swedish tea and coffee merchant Kränku and I would have loved to have their annual tea advent calendar, but like other years before I missed it because it's pretty much immediately snapped up by tea lovers.

This year I signed up on a reminder-list and was emailed before release date (November 1st) so I didn't miss out. Contains 24 different teas of theirs for 48 cups. Smells wonderful, but I won't open it until December 1st - it'll be such a lovely daily procedure until Christmas Eve!

And I'm thinking it's such a great DIY idea - if you buy 24 different teas of choice you can make quite a few tea advent calenders to give away to tea-loving friends and family for December.

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