Sunday, November 01, 2015

vegan cheese platter

What could be more appropriate than trying all these vegan cheeses on World Vegan Day?

I've never been a cheese-person, there are so many nasty cheeses of weird texture and flavours out there. But when I tried my first vegan cheese - Jeezly from Astrid och aporna - I was amazed at how similar to dairy cheese it was, but without all the negative aspects. It has been my faithful breakfast sandwich topping ever since. Alongside the very similar cheese from Violife.

Oatly has now released a vegan cream cheese too. No flavour, which makes it a bit dull. But I enjoy the texture. Although it does contain certified palm oil, and I'm very sceptical about that so called sustainable 'certification'.

Not really positive about the Cheesly cheddar (Astrid och aporna), odd texture and flavour.

The soft deli cashew cheese from Ultuna mejeri has been raved about, so I was really looking forward to trying it. But it was such a disappointment alas, nasty texture and tang. Sure am glad I only bought a little piece.

The vegan parmesan cheese from Violife, Prosociano, on the other hand was a really lovely surprise. Excellent both in texture and flavour, just as cow's milk but without the cons. 

And that's why I try odd (or rather not my cup of tea) vegan food, because now and then you stumble over fantastic products which make you really happy. It's amazing what clever food producers can create.

Happy World Vegan Day - may the world be a kinder, healthier and tastier!

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