Monday, November 16, 2015

sunshine mango smoothie

food and drink at home, november 2015

With the Wilfa blender came a simple, little recipe booklet that inspires me to try fruit combinations I probably wouldn't have come up with myself.

So today I made this fantastic, uplifting, sunshine in a glass smoothie - the blender works amazingly well to make a smoothie with crushed ice and if  you blend everything together at once the ice crushing isn't nearly as deafening as with ice only - with four ingredients only:

2 tins of sliced mango - I would have prefered fresh, but I also like using up what I already have in the fridge. Food waste sucks.
2 large organic pears
1 tsp grated organic, fresh ginger
10 ice cubes

Whizz together and ENJOY immensely!

food and drink at home, november 2015

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